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​What factors are related to the service life of color steel coils

Jul. 14, 2021

Color steel coils reasonable selection of materials can not only meet the requirements of use, but also reduce costs to the greatest extent. If the material is not properly selected, the result of the color steel coil may be that the material performance exceeds the use requirements, causing unnecessary waste, or it may not meet the use requirements, resulting in degradation or unavailability. Therefore, the demander should attach great importance to the importance of reasonable selection of materials and consult relevant experts when necessary.

The choice of color coated coil mainly refers to the choice of mechanical properties, substrate type and coating weight, front coating performance and reverse coating performance. The purpose, the corrosiveness of the use environment, the service life, the durability, the processing method and the degree of deformation are important factors to be considered when selecting materials. In actual production, the mechanical properties of the substrate are usually used to replace the mechanical properties of the color coated coil, and the color-coating process may cause the mechanical properties of the substrate to change. In addition, the mechanical properties may also change with the increase of storage time. These will increase the possibility of Lüdes bands or creases during the processing and forming of the color-coated sheet, which should be paid attention to.

color steel coils

Due to the different uses and use environmental conditions of color steel coils, there are many factors that affect its service life. According to the use function, the service life of color steel coils can be divided into the following types:

1) The service life of the coating refurbishment refers to the use time for most of the defects such as delamination and rust spots on the surface of the North China color steel coil, which causes further corrosion of the substrate.

2) The ultimate service life refers to the long-term use of North China color steel coils without refurbishment until severe corrosion occurs and they can no longer be used.

3) Decorative service life refers to defects such as subjective fading, chalking, cracking, and partial peeling of the coating on the surface of North China color steel coils. It has an impact on the image and aesthetics of the building, but it has not yet reached the point where the coating has lost its protective effect.