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How to distinguish the quality problems of Color Coated Coil

Jul. 13, 2021

Color steel coils can meet certain requirements during use, but in the production process, they must be operated in strict accordance with the operating regulations to achieve good results. Let's understand together to identify the quality problems of color steel coils.

First observe the thickness of the base plate and the cover film of the color steel coil. The color steel coil is composed of a base plate and a colored peritoneum or coating. First, we must consider the thickness of the substrate and peritoneal coating. The better color steel substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of the coating or plating is often less than 0.15mm. Since the thickness of the substrate is very important in terms of affecting the use time of the color steel coil, the manufacturers of the color steel coil are more involved in the coating and covering film of the substrate and the color steel coil to reduce the thickness of the substrate. , And increase the thickness of the peritoneum, reduce the cost of producing color steel coils, and greatly shorten the life of color steel coils.

Color Coated Coil

When the Color Coated Coil is listening to the sound, hit the color steel coil with a finger or a hard object. If the color steel plate material is not good, the sound is boring, and the metal sound is not obvious. The quality of the color steel coil metal sound product is better, louder and more brittle. Observe the leaking edge of the colored steel and take a piece of colored steel. First, observe whether the exposed part of the colored steel, such as the cross section, is finely crystalline, whether it is gray, dark, or impurities. If the cut surface is finely crystalline, the product quality will be better.

The above is about identifying the quality problems of prepainted steel coils. During the operation, you must operate in strict accordance with the regulations. If you don't understand, you can call for consultation. We are a professional manufacturer and will give you reasonable suggestions.