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Note of color coating roll system

Jul. 12, 2021

With the use of color coating coil is more and more common, its quality is also more and more high, because of its characteristics and advantages are widely used, in order to you can better application, let's understand the next color coating volume system precautions what it is.

In the process of color coating coiling, different paint types have differences in tensile strength, flexibility, cohesiveness, performance parameters and so on. Polyester is an industrial paint that is in great demand at this stage. Its performance parameters are general, its tensile strength and ductility are good, and its price is moderate. Silicone modified rubber polyurethane has strong performance parameters, gloss and color maintenance, but its ductility is slightly reduced. High aging resistance polyurethane has high cost performance and high cost performance. Polyfluoroethylene has excellent performance parameters, good ductility, but low tensile strength, less available color and high price. The paint of color steel coil is based on the application field, the application of topographic and geomorphic corrosion, the application period, the performance parameters, the production and processing methods, and the deformation level damage.

color coating roll

Different paints have certain differences in adhesion, ductility and corrosion resistance. Epoxy adhesive and carbon based steel plate of high quality, high corrosion resistance, but not as ductile as other paints. Polyester has good bonding with carbon based steel plate and excellent ductility, but its corrosion resistance is not as good as epoxy adhesive. PC polycarbonate is a comprehensive type of good paint. Paint is generally selected by agents according to the production and processing production process, application field, application topography and topography corrosion, and paint matching. Corrosion resistance generally increases with the thickness of the coating. When choosing, the coating thickness should be established according to the corrosion of the application terrain and landform, the application period, performance parameters and other factors.

The above is about the attention of the color coating coil, you can understand, in the process of using in accordance with the correct operation method can achieve good results, if you do not understand, you can call for advice, we will give you reasonable advice according to your actual requirements, to avoid blind operation unnecessary trouble.