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Practical problems in the use of pre painted steel coil

Apr. 27, 2021

As the use rate of pre painted steel coil becomes more and more common, its quality is getting higher and higher. Because of its characteristics and advantages, it is widely used by everyone. In order for everyone to better apply, let’s learn about the use of pre painted steel coil. What are the actual problems?

The color steel coil adopts advanced composite technology to highly combine the steel with the colorful and rich peritoneum. It has the good performance of a variety of materials, greatly improves the chemical stability of the material, and has better anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. The quality of steel, in terms of flexibility, plasticity, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, heat dissipation and high temperature resistance, as well as good color, smoothness, hand feel, etc., there are too many new color coatings in China, far Exceeding market demand, leading to low operating rates of many color coating units, or even shutdown.

 pre painted steel coil

Pre painted steel coil are not standard enough, causing serious waste of resources. There are too many low-capacity units with an annual output of less than 40,000 tons, and there are problems with product quality and environmental resource protection. Although the currently used building materials are very capable of producing hot-dip galvanized substrates, substrates such as zinc-deficient flat hot-dip galvanized steel coils and zinc alloy coated steel coils are good. The quality of domestic paint varieties cannot fully meet the demand, the price of imported paint is high, and the competitiveness is reduced. The plastic film needed for the film color plate still needs to be imported. The thickness of the coating is insufficient, the function is strong, the strength is high, and the color plate is rich.

The above is about the actual problems of the use of pre painted steel coil. You can understand that you must pay attention to the operation in strict accordance with the operating regulations in the future use process in order to improve the quality of work and achieve good results. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone.