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What are the advantages of color steel coils?

Jul. 09, 2021

Color steel coil is a kind of composite material, also called color coated steel plate. It is made by using strip steel in the production line to continuously undergo surface degreasing, phosphating and other chemical transfer coatings, and then coated with organic coatings and baked. The products have the advantages of both steel plate and organic materials. It not only has the mechanical strength of the steel plate and the usability of easy forming, but also has the excellent ornamental properties and corrosion resistance of organic materials.

PPGI Coated Coils is a kind of building material product similar to steel plate. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in industries, factories, construction and other industries. Because the price of colored steel coils is relatively cheap compared to steel sheets, and at the same time, colored steel coils are widely used, so many manufacturers use colored steel coils as filling materials.

color steel coils

Color steel coil, also known as color steel coil, is a special-shaped steel plate that uses composite technology steel and a brighter color film. Color steel coils not only have good material stability, but are all very good in the fields of corrosion resistance and compression resistance. They have the excellent performance of a variety of materials and improve the chemical stability of the materials. The advantages of color steel coils are not only highlighted in flexibility, plasticity, pressure resistance and wear resistance, but also very good in high temperature resistance.

It is worth mentioning that the various raw materials used in the production and application of color steel are all new environmentally friendly materials with zero pollution and no pollution, and there is no dust during the production process. Both production and later applications have high environmental protection characteristics. .