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What are the common welding methods for color coated steel sheets

Sep. 15, 2020

The quality of color-coated steel sheet is getting better and better, so we need to understand its welding method, which includes three welding methods, in order to facilitate everyone's use, in order to make everyone better understand the knowledge of this product, next for everyone A brief introduction.

 color coated steel sheets

1. Extrusion welding

This method should be made at the beginning of the workpiece, because the welding method is very important because of the demand for the drawing of the workpiece, and the different welding methods of the color coated steel sheet have different significant effects.

2. Hot plate welding

Hot plate welding (for flat parts), it is a thermoplastic welding process in which the metal mold is heated by electricity to soften the surface of the connected plastic parts. Simply suitable for all large or small thermoplastic parts. Commonly suitable for welding softer semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as PE or PP plates.

3. Hot gas welding

Hot gas welding of color-coated steel sheet is a welding method commonly used for color steel tiles to produce large parts. It is important to produce welding rods with the same polymer brand as the parts being welded. Extrusion welding is a welding method developed by hot gas welding.